Company Profile
A decade after its establishment, King's Metal Fiber Technologies has persevered through rigorous challenges and ground-breaking developments to become a prominent market role model for advanced textiles. Headquartered in Taiwan, a country renowned for its leadership in textiles and semiconductor technologies, King's Metal Fiber Technologies loyally serves an exponentially growing customer base ranging from glass manufacturing industries to smart clothing retail markets.

As an affiliate company of Tex-Ray Group, we hold competitive advantages of in-house textile expertise, an absolute vertical supply chain, and a global operations network.
Mission & Vision
We strive to build a reputable brand as a quality-driven organization capable of bringing better-performing technologies to the market.

Our vision is to be recognized as a leading supplier of innovative materials and solutions. Through our technologies, we strive to make contributions towards the progressive growths and advancements of our society's know-how, safety, and well-being.

We sincerely appreciate your interest and welcome your contact at any time.
Customer Promise
“Innovation through partnership” is our motto at King's Metal Fiber Technologies. Whether you are new to experience our products or a long-time veteran, we seek to gain your trust and confidence as a close partner. Our drive to innovate the best solutions through strong partnerships enables us to dedicate excellent services and develop superior quality products that target your unique needs.
King's Fiber Technologies values the importance of quality and safety. We aim to provide our customers with only the most fitting and qualified solutions. As such, we enforce scrupulous quality inspections and work regularly with international institutions such as SGS and Intertek to validate the safety and performance of final products.

As an industry role model, King's Metal Fiber Technologies actively invests more resources into inspecting, testing, and certifying our products. As your trusted supplier and long-term partner, we understand that our products will ultimately affect your performance, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction. Therefore, we see it is our obligation to deliver dependable and sustainable solutions for you to operate freely without any problems, nor risks.